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DC Charging Station

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Meet DC EV Charger

EVSETOP DC Charger has more powerful data calculation and processing capabilities, smarter scheduling strategies, better heat dissipation performance and lower noise, fully meeting the high-power DC charging needs of vehicles with global standard DC interfaces.


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M4F Series DC

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M3G Series DC

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M3H Series DC

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DC Series

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Fast, Efficient And Safe EV Charging Station

Shorten Charging Time

DC fast Charging station have high charging efficiency, and it only takes 15 to 60 minutes to charge most passenger EV from 0 to 80%, shortening the charging time and enjoying more travel fun.

Bring Customers Closer

As EV adoption increases, EV drivers rely on finding reliable and familiar charging locations. For businesses, EV fast charging is a powerful way to win new customers and keep them returning on a regular basis.

New Energy Revolution

As more DC fast charging stations become available, the problem of charging electric vehicles will gradually be solved, making you a changemaker in energy transition.

Win-Win Cooperation

Smart App

Track, manage and optimize EV charging at your location with our charging management software.

Training Support

Ongoing support, maintenance and training ensure maximum site availability and reliability.

Dc Fast Chargers Suit For

Different Application Scenarios
Commercial Parking
Charging Operatorr
Public Fleet
Energy Retailers

Our Chargers Are
Compatible With All Car Brands

Supports connectivity to all EV in the world

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