evsetop hm 10 series ac ev charger
EVSETOP HM Series AC Wallbox EV Charger

EVSETOP HM Series AC Wallbox EV Charger

IEC 61851 CCS Type 2  EV Charger Single Phase 3 Phase 16Amp-32Amp 7kW- 22kW IP65 Electric Car Wall Box Charger


  • 1-Phase from 1.3kW to 7.4kW
  • 3-Phase from 4.1kW to 22kW
  • RFID Allowed
  • Bluetooth Allowed
  • Full Protection
  • Customize All Types of EV
  • WIFI Function Allowed
  • 2 Years Warranty




•Residential areas like apartment and dwellings
•Parking garage of office building, hospital, supermarket, motel etc. for commercial EVcharging
•EV infrastructure operators and service providers
•HM10 is a Case C Wai I box (with charging cable), and an external
Case B charging socket can be selected to replace the charging cable as needed

Our Features

Driving technology for EV Charging

Easy To Install

Just Secure With Bolts And Nuts And Connect The Electrical Wiring Per The Instructions.

Easy To Use

Possess All The Functions Of The EV Charger, Easy To Operate, Easy To Learn.

Compatible With All

Compatible With All Electric Vehicle Charging, In Line With National Standards.

original design

No earth electrodes protection, designed for the UKand other regions using TN-C power supply system.

Easy to install

Easy installation, wall mounted or pole mounted for optional.

Strong scalability

Connect the Server via Wi-Fi interface, control charging by APP (Android & iOS). Load balance via RS-485, need special communication cable.


LOGO, color, function etc. are customizable. OEM/ODM including size, shape etc. are available.

evsetop hm 10 series ac ev charger


● Limit the total charging load to protect the local grid

● Shared charging load reduces cost of required electrical connections

● Open CT (current transformer) is selected as the current sensor, there is no physical wiring between devices, it has the advantages of open and close installation, convenient and fast wiring, and no additional infrastructure or installation costs.


● Plug and play: If you have a private parking lot and no one else can use the charger, then you can choose the “plug and play” mode.

● RFID Card: If you install your EV charger outside and someone has access to it, you can use an RFID card to start and stop charging.

● Remote Control via App: Our M3W EV charger supports remote control via App via OCPP 1.6J. If you have your own application, we can provide technical services to connect your application. Now we have also completed the development of our own home user App.


Our application has finished development and is now being tested. All new M3W wall mount EV chargers can use the app for a smart charging experience.

● Current Adjustment: You can easily adjust the charge current to suit a balanced load.

● Flexible appointment function: App supports paid appointments, allowing you to start automatically anytime, anywhere. Choose a cost-effective period.

● Charging Report: All your charging records will be collected and made into reports.

● WIFI Configuration: You can easily configure the wifi of the EV charger with APP.

Power Specification
Phase number1-phase3-phase
AC Power Input Rating230VAC,50/60Hz400VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Wiring3Wire-L1,NplusPE5Wire-L1,L2, L3,Nplus PE
AC Output Rating Power3.5kW7kW11kW22kW
AC Output Rating Current16A32A16A32A
Connector lypeIEC 62196-2, lype 2 plug + 5m charging cable
Connector Mechanical Operating Life≥lOOOO times (Plug in & pull out with no load)
User Interface & Control
Charging ControlAPP-controlled, Button-controlled, Card-controlled
Display screen3.5-inch LCD screen (Optional)
Indicators1 LED Indicator with multiple colors -Power/Charging/ Fault/ Network
Communication interface (Optional)Wifi (2.475GHz) or Bluetooth
Storage Temperature-40 to 75 ℃ ambient
Operating Temperature-30 to 55°C ambient
Operating HumidityUp to 95% non-condensing
Altitude≤ 2000m
IP CodeIP65Over Voltage ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYesUnder Voltage ProtectionYes
Over Load ProtectionYesOver-temp ProtectionYes
Leakage ProtectionYes,Type B Residual Current Monitoring Unit built-in.
Ground ProtectionYes, designed for TN-C-S power supply system
No earth electrodes ProtectionOptional, designed for the UKand other regions using TN-C power supply system
Optional Function
Load balance via RS-485Work with RS-485 version M3 Charge-Mate (required additional purchase)
Wallbox Mechanical
Dimension (H*WxD, mm)400x210x145
Charging Cable Length (total)5m or customize length (≤7.5m)
An external Case B charging socket without charging cable is optional
Enclosure MaterialPC
Mounting Pole Mechanical (Optional)
Dimension (H*W*D, mm)1117x240x112
Enclosure MaterialStainless steel
OEM Customize Options
Logo on Front panelYesNameplateYes
User manualYesLength of charging cableYes
Public parking Project
Northern Ireland
Outdoor Project
Rural Project



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